General conditions for selling
General Conditions for selling

These General Conditions for selling, discipline the modalities and the terms of sale of the products commercialize to you on the website: of the "Cantinetta di Ballini Cristina". (from now on called "").

All the contracts for the sale of products from part of to thirds party are regulated to you from the present conditions, which form integrating and substantial part of every proposal, order and confirmation of purchase order of the same products.

The terms of sale applicable to the order are those in vigor to the date of the same order.

GENERAL INFORMATIONS suggests to print this page in order to consult it off-line all the useful information for one corrected information to the purchase and for the compilation of an order based on the prechosen shipment and/or form of payment.


The products inserted in the catalogue on-line are select for quality and reliability to you from the Cantinetta di Ballini titular Cristina of the virtual store "" to the inside of the website, of property of same the Cantinetta di Ballini Cristina.

The Cantinetta di Ballini Cristina is a truth trades them realizes, enrolled to the Registry Enterprises of Livorno to n. the 114624/1999.

The Cantinetta di Ballini Cristina has stipulated partnership trades them with several enterprises to the aim of the sale on-line of their products and services. The products, therefore, that they have been inserted in the catalogue on-line have been all choose for quality, price, reliability, trying to offer the best ones turn out to you from every product.

The technical characteristics and work them relative to the products published from through own promotional messages and pamphlets informed are those communicated from respect producers to you. A precise reference therefore, not a simple warehouse of shunting of the goodses and the orders.

Where possible, they have been used for these cards examples and information supplied directly from the producers, in order to offer to the customer the possibility of one deepened comparazione of the prices and the characteristics.

However does not assume some responsibility care the veridicità and thoroughness of such information.

The images of the products are indicative and not binding.

We do not assume some responsibility for the damages that can derive from use of the products.

The products do not come supplied in test.

In spite of operating the they can supply indications on the characteristics of the products, the customer is responsible of the choice of the products orders and of the correspondence and conformity to the own requirements, of the detailed lists indicated from every producer.

Competent staff is to disposition for whichever clarification on the products acquires and on the companies manufacturers to you to the following address of e-mail:



For buying and selling contract "on line" agrees the contract at distance and that is the legal store having for object assets you furnish and/or services stipulated between a supplier, with center in Rio Marina, Via De Gasperi Cavo, and a consumer customer in the within of a at a distance organized system of sale from the supplier who, for such contract, employs exclusively the technology of communication at a distance called "Internet". All the contracts, therefore, will directly be concluded through the access from part of the consumer customer to the situated Internet correspondent to the address, where, following the indicated procedures, will succeed in to conclude the contract for the purchase of the product.

For consumer s' it means the physical person who acquires goods and services for scopes not directly riferibili to the professional activity eventually carried out.

Here of continuation the terms of sale are brought back that will remain effective until will not come varied from the supplier. The eventual modifications to the terms of sale will be effective from the moment in which they will be published on the situated Internet and referred to the sales carried out from that moment and then.


All the selling prices of the exposed products and indicate you to the inside of the situated Internet, constituent takeover bid to the senses of the art. 1336 c.c., they are comprehensive of I.V.A. and of every other tax; the transport costs debitamente is indicated in the appropriate page to the inside of the situated one that the customer will have cure of visionare before confirming the purchase and will come evidenced at the moment of the purchase; in case of delivery to the foreign country they will be to cargo of the consumer the eventual additional costs which had to taxes or taxes previewed from the enforced norm in the State of destination. The purchase contract perfects by means of the exact compilation and the consent to the purchase manifested through the given adhesion "on linens". The customer can pay the tidy goods using the modalities of payment indicated on-linens to the action of the purchase. The prices of the products of time in time publish you from cancel and replace the previous ones and are subordinate you to the effective availability of the products.

In variation case you will come it immediately foreshadows you to the reception of the order through e.mail and will come demanded an ulterior confirmation of order.

The prices are always clearly consider you to of eventual costs of other supplies of performances or materials connected to the object of the contract.


The delivery of the products acquires on the catalogue on-linens to you of can happen exclusively near existing deliveries on the Italian territory.

Once confirmed the purchase, provvederà to recapitare demanded how much to the address that will come indicated on the order module. The normal times of delivery, for the Italian territory, preview the delivery within 4-7 days from the moment of the acceptance of the order (do not go consider you, in compute of the times of delivery, the fine week and the festive days).

In any case, the times indicate which terms to you of delivery cannot be consider you engaged to you for and go consider you like a reference and not like a tie.

At the moment of the delivery of the goods from part of the courier, we advise to control:

- than the number of the necks in delivery it corresponds to indicated how much in the transport document;

- than the product indicated on packings it corresponds to how much effectively indicated in invoice;

- than I pack it turns out integral, not damaged neither bathed or however altered.

Eventual damages or the lacked correspondence of the number of the necks or the indications, must immediately be contest you to the courier that carries out the delivery.

If necessary, to contact endured a our operator, which it will indicate as to behave itself with the courier to which it comes contested one irregular delivery. provvederà to recapitare to the customers the products it selects and it orders to you by means of couriers and/or shippers to you of confidence. In case of absence of the adressee at the moment of the delivery he will come left an warning and the customer will have to supply personally to contact in the short time possible the courier or shipper waves to agree the delivery modalities.

The times of the delivery, than will not never exceed, in any case, those previewed from the art. 6 Decr. Legisl. 185/1999 (30 days given order), can vary from the same day of the order to a maximum of ten work days to you. The foretold times of delivery refer to the present products to warehouse to the moment of the order. The delivery will come mostly carried out from the carriers to street plan. No responsibility could but be attributed to the supplier for delayed or lacked imputable delivery because of act of God or fortuitous case.

ATTENTION: to conserve the purchase invoice.


The customer will be able to acquire the products indicates to you in the predisposed electronic catalogue and the existing amounts in warehouse. In case an order had to exceed the existing amount in the warehouse, will render the purchaser famous if said produced will be or less available in future and the time previewed for supplying.

5. RESPONSIBILITY does not assume some responsibility for the imputable disservizi because of act of God which incidents, outbreaks, fires, strikes and/or lock outs, earthquakes, alluviums and other similari events that impedissero, in all or part, of giving execution in the times agree you to the contract. will not be responsible in the comparisons of some part with respect to damages, losses and costs endured to continuation of the lacked execution the contract for the cited causes over, having the consumer straight only to the restitution of the corresponded price. Parimenti, is not responsible of the eventual fraudulent and illicit use that can be made from part of thirds party, check, credit cards and other means of payment, to the action of the payment of the products acquires to you., in fact, in no moment of the purchase procedure is in a position to knowing the number of credit card of the purchaser which, opening a protect logon, it comes directly transmitted to the Financial institution manager of the service; parimenti are not in a position to controlling the correct and lawful origin of the eventual one tito it of credit that comes delivered from part of the customer to the action of the reception of the goods.


The consumer engages itself and obligates, once concluded the purchase procedure "on linens", to supply to the press and to the conservation of the present conditions he generates them, than, moreover, he will have already visionato and accepted (in how much obliged passage in the purchase), let alone of the detailed lists of the product object of the purchase, and that to the aim to integrally satisfy the condition of which agl' artt. 3 and 4 of the Decr. Legisl. n° 185/1999.

It is made strict prohibition the purchaser to insert give it is made to you, and/or it invents to you, and/or of fantasy, in the procedure of recording necessary to activate in its it confronts iter for the execution of the contracted present and relative the ulterior communications; they give to you identifying and the email they must be exclusively own the real ones give to you personal and not of third persons, or fantasy.

Express single person is prohibited to carry out double recordings correspondents to one or to insert they give you of third persons. reservoir to pursue legal every violation and abuse, in the interest and for the protection of the consumers all.


In the case in which it stipulates it of a purchase contract happens outside from the premises trades them, the sale in issue is from considering itself subject to D.Lgs n. 50 of the 15/01/1992, that it previews the possibility from part of the purchaser to exercise the recess right. The purchases at a distance made through telephone re-enter therefore in this case, or through Internet they are delivered they word.word or withdraws to you near the center of the society or a point of presence on the territory. Such straight one applies to the physical persons (consumers) that they act for scopes that can consider strangers to the own one attivita' trade them, therefore are excluded from the recess right, the purchases carries out to you from retailers and companies. The consumer has straight, within a term of 10 work days you from the reception of the goods, to exercise the right of recess, that he consists in the faculty of restitution of the good acquired to the vendor, and in the consequent relative reimbursement at the price of purchase.

E' possible to have use of of following the indicated procedure under.

To assess itself of having ready following they give to you:

- purchase document originates them (number and date of the invoice);

- banking coordinates on which to obtain the discount (Cod. ABI - CAB - Checking account of the registered person of the invoice). *

* In the case of payment with credit card it will not come made a directed banking discount of reimbursement, but an operation of I avert that therefore he will be visible on the statement of account of the credit card and consequently on the running account

* In the case in which the registered person of the invoice object of exercise of Recess it did not have own banking coordinates, it can supply those of a just familiar one or knowing making explicit mention of authorization to to credit the amount on such banking coordinates to means fax. Subsequently it is necessary to contact in order to obtain the Code of I re-enter (CR) to the address:

To send therefore a registered letter with declaration written and signed of the will to exercise the recess right riepilogando all they give to you over indicates and demands to you (included also the eventual authorization to credit the amount on checking account intestate to thirds party). After the obtaining of the CR (code of I re-enter, from in then called "CR here"), will be cure of the customer to accurately pack the materials so as to to safeguard the coverings it originates them of the products from whichever damaging, written or affixing of labels. To pin on the sent necks, in visible position the assigned CR and to send the goods in free port to the address:

The Cantinetta di Ballini Cristina.

Via De Gasperi

57030 - Cavo

Marina di Rio



For more information you can contact:

The, if indicated procedure CR over comes executed correctly, provvederà within 30 work days you from the reception of the goods to carry out the credit to the customer of the amount paid in invoice, excluded shipment expenses (art. 8, point 2, D.Lgs n. 50 of the 15/01/1992).

Attention: shipments in mark and/or unprovided of CR or with not valid CR, will not be accepted from

Conditions in order to exercise the recess right:

the right is applied to the product acquired in its fullness; it is not possible to only exercise recess on part of the acquired product (es.: wine, dolciumi, etc...); the right is not applied to the once opened products; the acquired good will have to be integral and given back in I pack originates them, complete in all its you leave (comprised eventual documentation and accessory equipment); according to the law, shipment expenses are to cargo of the customer; the shipment of I re-enter, until the certificate of happened reception in our warehouse, is under the complete responsibility of the customer; in case of damaging of the good during the transport, will give communication to the customer of the happened one (within the successive work day to the reception of the good in the own warehouses), for consentirgli of timely sporgere denunciation in the comparisons of the courier chosen he and obtaining the reimbursement of the value of the good (if assured); in this eventuality, the product will be given back, with shipment expenses to cargo of the customer, at the same time cancelling the demand for recess; does not answer in no way for damagings or furto/smarrimento of assets given back with shipments not assured; to its arrival in warehouse, the product will be examined in order to estimate eventual damages or manomissioni not deriving from the transport. In case I pack it originates them interno/esterno turns out ruined, provvederà to withhold from the due reimbursement one equal percentage to 20% of the same one, which contribution to expenses of restoration of the goods. Made blank eventual expenses of restoration for damages it assesses you to I pack originates them, provvederà to reimburse to the customer the entire amount already paid, to exclusion of shipment expenses, within 30 days from the shipment date of return of the goods. It will be cure of the customer to timely supply the banking coordinates on which to obtain the discount (Cod. ABI - CAB - Checking account of the registered person of the invoice).

The recess right decade totally, for lack of the essential condition of integrity of the good (I pack and/or its content), in the cases in which it assesses: the lack of I pack esterno/interno originates them; the absence of integrating elements the product the damaging of the product for various causes from its transport.

In the case of forfeiture of the right of recess, will supply to give back to the sender the acquired good, debiting to same shipment expenses.


Compiling the appropriate space, present on the situated one web, the Customer authorizes to use the own credit card, or other paper emitted in substitution of the same one, and to debit on just the checking account in favour of the amount evidenced total which cost of the carried out purchase "on linens". All the procedure is made through directly connected protected logon the Financial institution, titular and manager of the payment service "on linens", to which cannot approach.

In case the consumer had to take advantage of the recess right, therefore as articulated in the present conditions he generates them, the amount to reimburse will be credited to the same credit card.

10. CONTRACTUAL RESOLUTION And EXPRESSED RESOLUTIVE CLAUSE has the faculty to resolve the stipulated contract giving of simple communication to the customer with adapted and justified motivations; in such case the customer will have straight exclusively to the restitution of the eventual sum already corresponded. The obligations assumed from the customer (Obligation of the purchaser), let alone the guarantee of the good aim of the payment that the customer carries out, have essential character, so that for expressed pact, the inadempienza, from part of the Customer, of of only said obligations will determine the resolution of right of the former contract art.1456 c.c., without necessity of pronounce judicial, fact but the right for to act in judgment for the compensation of the ulterior damage. The customer has faculty to cancel the contract within 24 hours from the reception of mail of confirmation giving some the timely communication to the service customers via mail to the address mail:

11. BESTOWAL And TREATMENT Of GIVE To YOU PERSONAL guarantees that they give you relati you to your person, to the orders and purchases carries out to you will be deals with liceità and correctness to you, in the full protection of the rights and the confidentiality of the customer. is engaged not to diffuse and not to sell the information in possession to unrelated companies; they give to you will be uses you to the single scope to execute the contract of sale and shipment of the products. Only in presence of a consent from part of the customer, they give to you could be also deals to you in order to supply information on our promozionali innovationes, initiatives and offering. To the senses of Law 675/96 (Law on the Privacy) we inform that they give to you personal come deals to you for purpose trades them of direct selling, promozionali, managerial, statistics and of protection of the credit, by means of elaboration with prefixed criteria.

Like recorded customer, the customer enjoys the rights of which to the art. 13 of the cited Law, can cioè:chiedere confirmation of the existence of the own ones give to you personal near to know of their origin, logic and the purposes of their treatment; to obtain of the modernization, rectifies it or integration; to ask of the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous shape or the block in case of illicit treatment; opporsi to their treatment for legitimate reasons.

For ulterior information and communications to write to address email:

To the senses and for the effects of which to articles 1341 and 1342 of the Civil code, the Customer declares of carefully to have read and comprised and to accept for entire in every its part the modality and terms of sale of payment of


Sending to the order module the customer confirmation of order by e.mail receives one.

Such confirmation of order has the only scope to notify the reception of the electronic order.

In consideration of the particular rapidity of change of the market in such field, it is however possible that some offered or articles are in the meantime exausted or have endured variations of characteristics or price. We reserve ourselves in such case to contact to you in the short time possible in order to eventually cancel the order (without penitentiaries for both the parts) and proporvi a product or an alternative price. Every order of products transmitted to constitutes proposed contractual of the customer and, therefore, it will be binding for confirmed single if from the same one for acceptance. The escape of the order is equivalent to confirmation and acceptance of the same one. has the faculty to refuse the proposals of purchase of the customer. In such case the customer will not straight have to some reimbursement neither to indemnifications or compensations of risen. Relative the fiscal documentation to the products orders to you will come emitted from at the moment of the shipment of the same products the customer. In case the customer titular of Has left Vat and desires to receive invoice just name, will have to indicate such demand in the order. In defect, will not emit fiscal invoice.

SYSTEM OF PAYMENT:, offers you the following modalities of payment:

- Paypal (or Credit Card)

Through our electronic undercarriage, than it is connected to pos virtual of "Paypal" that guarantees to the purchases of the customer the higher standards to level of security.


The holder of the same paper inquires itself that it is authorized to the purchases with credit card, only and she is perceived between the other that in order to guarantee the final consumer, we could to our discretion not authorize transactions from little reliable thought we. The purchase with credit card is sure and guaranteed in how much the transactions and the insertion they give to you come currently carried out on SERVEUR SURE with 128 cryptography to bit (the standard). The payment page will contain, in an appropriate one form, the name of the shopkeeper and the amount of the transaction, while it will be cure of the customer to insert the number of the credit card, the expiration, the name of the holder and an address of e-mail.


Every relative controversy to the application, execution, interpretation and violation of purchase contracts stipulates "on line to you" through the situated one web is subordinate to the Italian jurisdiction; the present conditions generate them are brought back, for ivi not express previewed how much, to the disposed arranged one of decree legislative n° 50 of the 15,1,1992 and decree legislative n° 185 of the 22.5.1999. For whichever controversy between the parts with respect to the contracted present the Hole will be competent in whose circondario has just the address the consumer if located in the territory of the Italian State; for all the other customers convene themselves that every controversy will be of exclusive competence of the Hole of Livorno.